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    Approval documents wading have to say something

    2016-03-31 14:08

    A: did you know that water purifier?

    B: I don't know.

    A: this all don't know, you OUT!


    The rise of water purifier is a can't stop the trend. At first people speak "I bought it if only the rich", seems to be the product more suitable for the wealthy. But now more and more people say "if have no money, also have to buy a", why not to drink the water, see the water problems, let us involuntarily to water purifier.


    A: do you know the water batch?

    B: I don't know

    A: you don't know, I don't know... How to say you!


    A, the first thing to know water group is a what kind of things

    Of "water" is short for "wade" approval documents, is short for multi-purpose water purifier industry personnel, its full name is "drinking water health security products health permit certificate". Did not get the relevant approval documents, if the water purifier products sold on the market is not allowed, more must not enter the market sales situations, such as such as industry and commerce, will be confiscated and may face fines and other penalties. Here special remind that each approval documents wading is corresponding to a product, rather than a brand, so please pay more attention to consumers.