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    In 2008, the American household water purifiers and leading brand love and household air purifier (AILPIS), together with the world's leading science and technology in China. 
    AILPIS company called the American AILPIS Science and Technology Holdings Co., Ltd (the United States and love Science and Technology group Holdings Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1976, is headquartered in the United States 113 Barksdale Professional Center in the city of Newark, County of New Castle, the State of Delaware, US. (Delaware Newark, tan thanh bus, business Center, room 113), is the world famous air purifier and water purifier manufacturers, water purification air purification industry in the United States market leading core. 
    According to incomplete statistics, AILPIS cumulative service for thirty million households, provide them with clean water and air, for people's life level and made great contributions to the health. 
    First to enter the Chinese market suffered a great test of the AILPIS (AILPIS long service in the United States, Japan and Australia water pollution smaller countries), due to water quality problems, on the premise of guarantee the water purification effect makes the water purifier life pared. After a team of engineers to try for 2 years, AILPIS finally "break through", not only guarantee the purity of water, also greatly extended the life of the machine, greatly improve the recognition of consumers. 
    AILPIS China headquarters before now settled in guangdong zhongshan, and with further advance business, including mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. AILPIS China region President Tang Xiaoyong clearly put forward that "the Chinese market potential is tremendous, to enhance AILPIS market position in China, we must establish a high efficiency management mode, and for China's market strategy, and investment." Tang always made it clear that AILPIS business in China have enormous room for growth. He hopes for the future development of AILPIS do big Chinese market quickly, become AILPIS in the world's second largest market, bring more family healthy living environment.